Royal VIV Buisman butter oil company

Because Royal VIV Buisman has so many years of experience with butter and milk fat products, we can offer you the highest quality products, including butter oil.

Constant quality
We are known worldwide for our quality products. This is both the result of the high quality ingredients we use and the constant quality checks we perform. It’s these checks that ensure our clients can produce high quality products of their own.

Many bakeries, ice cream and chocolate companies the world over have chosen to work with butter oil company Royal VIV Buisman. We can produce the right butter oil composition to ensure our clients get the tailor-made product they paid for.

Order at our butter oil company
Are you looking for quality butter oil for your production process? Contact our butter oil company and let us know your requirements. Fill out the contact form or call +31 294 233054. Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with additional information. 

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