A dairy blends manufacturer that guarantees quality

Our company goes back to 1868, to when we first started trading in butter. We have been producing high quality butter and milk fat products for clients all around the world ever since. As a dairy blends manufacturer we deliver to any company in the food industry.

The advantages
Dairy blends are often chosen because they have two big advantages. Firstly, some countries allow companies to import dairy products but they must pay very high import duties, whereas dairy blends can be imported for a much lower price. Secondly, we offer a product that our clients do not have to blend or buy ingredients for. Some examples of our dairy blends:

  • AMF or butter with cocoa powder
  • AMF or butter with sugar or dextrin
  • Butter oil with vegetable fats
  • Butter with a small percentage of vegetable fat

Choose for the best quality
Royal VIV Buisman is one of the world’s best dairy blends manufacturers. Our dairy blends let you create the most delicious products. Fill out our contact form or call +31 294 233054 for more information about our dairy blends.

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