Texturised Butter

Texturised Butter

Today, most of the dairy industry produces butter in a traditional way. Inherent to traditionally churned butter, its melting characteristics and firmness will vary during the year. This is due to seasonal fluctuations and changes in feeding patterns of the cows. By using Royal VIV Buisman’s texturised butter these undesirable product variations belong in the past!

Royal VIV Buisman produces texturised butter by recombining milk fat with a milk phase in the same ratio as present in traditional churned butter. Royal VIV Buisman can offer you several types of texturised butter; each of them has unique melting characteristics and firmness. We can even tailor its taste and colour to your specific needs. Royal VIV Buisman produces texturised butter under the brand name “Beurre Brillant”.

Product portfolio

1.Pâtisse Premier
Melting point: 33°C
• TextureFirm

2. Pâtisse Excellent 
• Melting point: 36°C
• Texture: Very Firm

Product characteristics

  • Milk fat min. 82.0%
  • Moisture max. 16.0%
  • Non-fat milk solids max. 2.0%


  • Constant year-round firmness and melting characteristics
  • High plasticity and therefore suitable for laminating
  • Excellent buttery taste
  • Creamy mouth feel
  • Great source of vitamins A, D and E

Packaging information

  • Blocks of 10 kg in HDPE foil (cartonless) in a carton pallet box (800 kg net). Also available precut in 4 bars of 2,5 kg.
  • Blocks of 10 kg in HDPE foil with carton on a pallet. Also available precut in 4 bars of 2,5 kg.
  • Standard blanc food grade cartons with 4 bars of 2.5 kg in HDPE foil

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